Powered Cache licensing system works with a license key and domain of the WordPress installation. However, you don’t need an additional license for a multisite setup. Here are the details about licensing;

a) If you are using Powered Cache for a regular WordPress installation, you just need one license key.

b) If you are going to activate Powered Cache network-wide, you will need one license for the entire network.

c) If you don’t want to activate network-wide on the multisite?

  1. Regular admins can bring their own licenses and activate.
  2. Define license in wp-config.php file, and subsites don’t need to deal with licensing at all. In order to go in this direction, you will need to activate the license for the network domain beforehand. (this is added since Powered Cache Premium 2.4)
Install TypeNetwork-Activated?License key defined in config?Subscriptions
Standard1 per install
Multisite (subfolders)YesYes/No1
Multisite (subdomain)YesYes/No1
Multisite (subfolders)NoYes/No1
Multisite (subdomain)NoYes1
Multisite (subdomain)NoNo1 per active site
Multisite (domain mapping)YesYes/No1
Multisite (domain mapping)NoYes1
Multisite (domain mapping)NoNo1 per active site

Define License Key in Configuration File

First, add your license domain under “my-account” page.

And then add your license to the configuration file (wp-config.php)


That’s all!

PS: When defining the license in the configuration file, the licensing tab will not be shown on the plugin settings page.