Powered Cache requirements have been changed with version 2.x. PHP 5.6 and WordPress 5.0 are minimum requirements.

Powered Cache Upgrade

If your website satisfies the required PHP and WordPress version, you can automatically update the plugin. The old settings will be migrated automatically with the upgrade routine that we shipped with the 2.x.

Powered Cache Premium Upgrade

It requires PHP 5.6, WordPress 5.0, and Powered Cache as the dependency.

It used to work standalone plugin. However, maintaining the common functionalities was a burden, and decided to make it use Powered Cache as a dependency.

In order to Upgrade Powered Cache Premium 1.x to 2.x here are the steps that you will need to follow:

  • Upgrade Powered Cache Premium 1.2.9 which removes plugin settings deletion from the uninstallation script.
  • Deactivate and Delete Powered Cache Premium.
  • Install Powered Cache.
  • Install Powered Cache Premium.

What if you are using version control?

If you are using VCS, you can replace the premium plugin with the new 2.0 (free) version without performing uninstall process and adding powered-cache-premium as a separate plugin. The upgrade process will be performed once you deploy the changes.