Image optimization is a premium feature that allows optimizing your images instantly without using your server resources.

Once the feature is enabled, the origin image addresses with being replaced with our image optimization service ( and it will perform on-the-fly image optimization, resizing and WebP conversation where the client browser supports.


  • No cache invalidations. The images will be cached on our image optimization servers for long as possible for performance reasons. If you need to refresh an image, just upload the image with a different name.
  • We only fetch, resize, and serve GIF, PNG, JPG, WebP, and SVG images from servers that listen on port 80 for HTTP and port 443 for HTTPS.
  • It’s not possible to choose or limit where in the world your images will be served from. Our servers will load your image dependent on a variety of factors, including the visitor’s location.
  • Image Optimizer service is only allowed to be used by sites has an active license/subscription. Any abuse or violation of the Terms of Service could result in the suspension of your site.
  • It’s a beta feature. If you see an unexpected impact on your website, turn it off.